Gospel Musicians Jamals Flash Motif MOXF X6A

Gospel Musicians Jamals Flash Motif MOXF X6A

Imagine having all of Jamal’s sounds and samples stored in your keyboard to use for live church service or a gig. Jamal’s Flash is the best of all of the classic gospel and urban sounds. You get all of the Neo-Soul sounds with the suitcase, stage, and wurli. You get the classic staple gospel tones of the MKS-20 Piano module (Piano 1, Piano 2, EP 1, and EP 2). You get two of the most flavorful pianos from AcousticSamples (KAWAI Grand Piano and A-Piano). We chose these two pianos, because they are so rich and full of character, which will make your Motif sound like a real piano. Finally, we have added the phattest brass and synth horn sounds that are sure to inspire you.

We have also added some amazing strings to stack and layer with everything. We also brought back the Jazz Piano and the Power Grand from the Yamaha Motif Classic. The entire User 1 from A through H is filled. That makes for 128 patches full of brand new sounds that are bread and butter staples for live gigging. Think about your live gigging experience. You need inspiring pianos and electric pianos. You need beautiful strings and crazy phat synth horns/brass sounds to layer and stack. This is the ultimate “bread-and-butter” sound-set for all live musicians. You’ll never get sick of playing these sounds.

As a bonus we are offering urban an gospel click tracks embed into Performances for you musicians who have to do it all. We have Performances that have the bass split, with synths and horns so you can can run a complete church service by yourself.

*Note: XS users will not get the patterns or the gospel click tracks in performance mode. Only the user preset banks in voice mode are included for XS users. We also do not offer support for the XS as this is an older unit. We only offer technical support for the XF and MOXF.

*MOXF Users: MOXF users will not have the Patterns loaded into Pattern mode; however, the patterns will be available as arpeggios and MOXF users WILL get the click tracks embeded into the user Performance presets.